How it works

The simplest way to get a bespoke flue for your chimney project. Just tell us about your chimney and we’ll send you everything you need to fit your flue.

YOU submit a design or measurements

You don’t need to be a chimney expert to use this service, that’s what we’re here for. All you need to do it provide us with the dimensions. We accept .pdf or .dwg files, photos, paper files by post, just about anything really, just upload it using our online service.

WE create a flue kit plan and quote

We create a flue kit plan, it details every element you’ll need and most importantly the cost. Once you upload your building plan,we aim to get your flue kit plan ready as quickly as we can. We may however need to contact you to run through the details.

WE send you a complete kit with full instructions

Our Flue Kits contains all the parts you need to successfully fit your flue, including instructions. All kits come with detailed step-by-step instructions which are just as bespoke as your flue kit. There’s also a number to call, just in case.