Twin Wall Stainless Steel

Twin wall insulated chimney kits are available for gas, oil, wood and multi-fuel appliances and open hearths, and can be used for atmospheric, condensing and pressure appliances. Wet or dry flue kits are available.

Excelsior Twin Wall Flue

Excelsior Twin Wall Flue System

Excelsior is a twin-walled stainless steel chimney system designed and approved for use with all fuels including gas, oil, wood and approved solid fuels.

* Only suitable for dry non-condensing applications

Metaloterm Chimaster MF

Chimaster MF

MF is an universal multi-fuel and multifunctional chimney suitable for internal and external applications. It can be used for high temperature applications, but also because of the integral silicone sealing ring, it can be applied to condensing and positive pressure installations. It is suitable for use at continuous operating temperatures of 450°C for negative pressure applications and 200°C for positive pressure applications.



Nova has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for multi-functional applications serving a variety of fuels. Whether serving a traditional negative draught appliance, or a modern high efficiency condensing appliance, Nova offers the ideal solution. With a wide range of components, together with a multi-barb quick lock jointing system, Nova offers the ultimate in ease of installation, quality and functionality.



IL is a twin wall insulated pre-fabricated domestic gas vent that has been used in the UK for over 25 years, having built a reputation for quality and reliability. The IL gas vent is designed for naturally aspirated domestic gas fired appliances with a draught hood / diverter and where the chimney is required to operate under negative pressure and dry conditions and the flue gas temperatures will not exceed 250°C.



ILS is a twin wall insulated pre-fabricated domestic oil vent chimney system, designed for use on kerosene (28Sec Oil) where the appliance is required to operate under negative pressure and dry conditions and where the flue gas temperature will not exceed 250°C.

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